"Relentless is my family. To be relentless means to never give up. When I first joined Relentless back in February, it was just to give this workout a try because my sister, more commonly known as the Ninja, would not stop talking about it. I think part of trying it out was to be able to tell her I did it and make her be quiet. :) Once I logged on to the platform, it was nothing of what I expected it to be. As soon as I joined the chat, I was recognized as being new to the group and everyone immediately started to welcome me in. During the Q&A after the workout, Jake himself called me out and welcomed me. Which--side note: The Q&A is amazing! Jake is super knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, and he will answer your questions (any question!) on the spot about form, different exercises or stretches you may want to try, what type of exercise is good to do later in the day after the workout completed that morning if you still want to workout, what type of food to eat before or after a workout. I mean, the Q&A is legit and definitely a HUGE PLUS to this company. :) Besides the very personal-family interaction that you get. Okie dokie-- back on track. :) This was more than anything I expected. The workouts are beyond words. Jake does not just push you physically, but he pushes you beyond the mental limits that you have put in place for yourself and helps you to see that you truly are capable of doing pretty awesome things in fitness. He also helps slap you with the reality that you may not be in as great shape as you thought, and that is okay too. There is no judgment here. Any size, any shape, any color, gender, whatever. All that matters is that you showed up, you are doing your best, and we are a family. After I had my two sons (back to back I may add), I wanted nothing less but to be in great shape again. I wanted to be able to be here for my boys as long as possible. I have been amazed at how my body has transformed (from the inside out) and how much I actually want to work out most days! Fitness is not a new concept to me, I have been in sports and fitness-related activities my entire life. This is something more though. If you are just looking for a quick fix --- go somewhere else. This group is to help you create a lifestyle change. You will get in shape, you will reap the benefits, but you have to be willing to give it your all and also look yourself in the face sometimes and say "man..... I need some work". This group has been here for me during my fitness battles, during my mental battles, and during the times when life just got hard. If you are looking for a family, support, positivism, and a slap in the face of reality followed by a push to be better -- this is your new family. Welcome!"