What others are saying about Relentless Fit 365

This man's passion, dedication, creativity, and knowledge for anything and everything fitness and health related literally changed my life. I was motivated. I was having fun and enjoying workouts. I was accountable, not only to Jake, but to the fitness family that he created. I learned how to get the most out of every workout. Jake helped push me to be the best version of myself in the gym and that transcended to other areas of my life as well, such as eating right and taking care of myself. Basically, I wanted to succeed and crush it like never before, and I did. I have been training with Jake for almost three years now and at 44 years old with two kids, I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life! I feel amazing. I look amazing. I've got swagger, baby!

If you follow Jake's healthy lifestyle recommendations and you show up or tune in and do his workouts, there is no way you won't make progress and sustainable change! What are you waiting for?! Go for it!!"

Kris McGillis Shulman

"In my opinion, Jake is simply the best trainer who is able to optimally integrate variety and difficulty in every workout. He is deeply devoted to his craft and sets the best example for one’s pursuit of physical fitness. As a trainer, he is enthusiastic, supportive, tough, consistent, and incredibly hardworking. He thoughtfully plans and designs each workout to push us to the next level. I would recommend Jake with the highest level of endorsement to anyone who is serious about physical fitness."

Hui Lin

"I have been working with Jake for just over one month. I started working with Jake to build up strength and endurance as part of my training for a Half Ironman, and am already seeing results. Jake is passionate about fitness and his clients, and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the studio. He has created a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where everyone is welcome. His workouts are creative and challenging, but he makes things fun, too. Jake is good at modifying the workouts to fit each individual's capabilities and goals. He makes it so that I (almost) don't mind the challenge placed on my body during each workout.

I have seen my balance and flexibility increase with every session and found new muscles that had long been forgotten. Jake has motivated me to keep coming into the studio and push past my limits."

Staci Ketay Rotman